Why JoyFully Read?

Statistics show that every six weeks JoyFully Read! students move up:

One Grade Level

Two Grade levels

Three Grade levels

JoyFully Read! is a reading program that is effective with beginning readers, struggling readers, students with learning disabilities (including dyslexia), adult learners and bilingual learners as well. We have special versions of our program made specifically for homeschool families, literacy programs, those who wish to supplement their student’s school work and outside prosperous tutors/teachers that want a high quality reading program to increase the effectiveness of their tutoring business/classroom work.

What makes us different?

We put the JOY back into learning to read. JoyFully Read! is a multi-sensory program that helps all ages (including beginning readers) learn to understand, overcome struggles and love reading and spelling. We offer private tutoring for all levels, classes for beginning levels, and materials for teachers, private tutors and homeschoolers of all ages. We also certify reading tutors with teaching or English degrees.



Where can I find a JoyFully Read! Tutor?

The Joyfully Read! headquarters is located in Provo, UT. We also have tutors in many cities in the western united states like St. George, UT, Temecula, CA, South Ogden, UT and Bakersfield, CA. We are rapidly expanding! Look for a location to come near you. Better yet, become one!

JoyFully Read!™ enables students to associate reading with positive, achievable, genuinely joyful experiences. Parents, teachers, and families will find JoyFully Read!™ a productive, positive addition to their reading/teaching repertoire. (Julie J. Nichols, Ph.D)

“What can I say, you have to try to see! There are not words to express what this means to me and my kids. I love it!” (Leslie Sales)

Meet the Team

Each of our tutors are individually trained and certified so that everyone that we serve will have consistent results. They are spread out across the map, so find the one closest to you if you wish to use our tutors, Or simply purchase a kit to use yourself.

Michelle Corbin - Reading Tutor

Owner, Certified Reading Specialist
Location: Provo, UT

(801) 607-2773

Michelle Corbin has always loved learning, teaching & children. She is Mother of five and has worked as Teacher/Educator, Tutor, Certified Reading Specialist, Pre-school Owner & Child Care Specialist for many years. Michelle, previously a Joy School teacher and home school mother, believes in the importance of education and knows that reading plays a vital role in learning and in life!


JRCP Certified Teacher/Tutor
Location: Provo, UT

Emily has extensive experience as a tutor at elementary schools and junior high schools. She holds degrees from BYU-Idaho and BYU-Hawaii, where she had the opportunity of working as an usher at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Her lifelong love of the outdoors and her talent with youth were put to good use when she worked for almost two years in a wilderness therapy program for youth. She still loves the outdoors, although she has had to adjust to the winters in Utah after her time in Hawaii.

Summer - Reading Tutor

JRCP Certified Teacher/Tutor
Location: Provo, UT

Summer is one of our newest tutors and her enthusiasm is infectious. It’s clear that she loves working with people, especially her young students.

She has been teaching children for many years in a variety of professional settings. Among her many talents, including cooking, she is also fluent in Thai and has an affinity for the people of Thailand, where she lived for 18 months.  She is currently working on a psychology major at BYU.


DaeNeese Esplin - Reading Tutor

JRCP Certified Teacher/Tutor
Location: St. George, UT

JRCP Certified Teacher/Tutor

Location: Santa Clara, UT
DaeNeese the first JoyFully Read! tutor in Southern Utah. She is finishing up her Bachelors in English in 2016 at Dixie State University. She became fluent in Spanish as she served a volunteer LDS mission in Guatemala. She has worked as a library clerk for many years and loves reading and helping others read!

Leah - Reading Tutor

JRCP Certified Teacher/Tutor
Location: Provo, UT

JRCP Certified Teacher/Tutor

Leah is our newest tutor at Joyfully Read! She has been a nanny of 6 for 6 years and loves working with children to help them learn and grow. She volunteers at Courage Reins to help children with disabilities gain confidence and motor skills with the horses. She loved to read as a child and wants everyone to experience the same joy from reading that she did/does. She loves the progress she’s been able to see with her JoyFully Read! students and especially enjoys seeing their confidence and love of reading increase. She is a current Neuroscience major at BYU and will be serving an LDS mission in Paris, France. !

Kim - reading tutor

JRCP Certified Teacher/Tutor & Office Assistant
Location: Provo UT

Kim is our newest tutor and also works as an assistant to Michelle. She holds a bachelors degree in English from BYU and has years of experience in a wide variety of teaching situations. She began teaching as a home school mom, which she did for 10 years, and then went on to teach English in a private school for the next 7 years.  Before joining the JoyFully Read! team she was a private reading tutor for young adults for several years. She is excited to join the JoyFully Read! and loves how this program changes lives.


Brandon - Tutor/Book Keeper

Tutor/Book Keeper
JRCP Trained
Location: Provo, UT

Brandon is a current Accounting Major at BYU and does a fantastic job keeping our books at JoyFully Read!

Linda - Reading Tutor

JRCP Certified Teacher/Tutor
Location: Pleasant Grove, UT

Linda started her career in education in Southern California. She has a degree in early Childhood Development from Cal State University Fullerton. She worked several years as a first grade elementary school teacher. In Utah she spent 2 years working as a Head Start school teacher and 7 years in the Alpine School District as a substitute teacher at various levels. She has spent 11 years working in Health and Safety and is finishing her second bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health and Safety at Columbia Southern University in Alabama.

Linda is on the advisory board for several non-profits working to help others who are in crisis. Linda and her husband have a daughter and son in law, 3 sons, 2 daughter in laws, and two grand doggies. Linda loves to  help others find success in life. She is excited about working with the Joyfully Read!™  program and helping others find success and enjoyment in reading. She will be opening her own center in Pleasant Grove in  January of 2017.


Kelli - Reading Tutor

JRCP Certified Teacher/Tutor
Location: South Ogden, UT

Kelli has always loved reading and was always surrounded by books. The only thing that equals her love of reading is the joy of unlocking the world for a child by helping them become proficient readers as well. Her teaching and tutoring background began with homeschooling her own children for 20+ years and teaching and tutoring other homeschool students in various subjects. After easily teaching her first four children to read she found that her youngest just didn’t catch on to it as easily, in fact it was very challenging. Having a dyslexic child was a completely new experience and she endeavored to learn all she could to help him. In this pursuit she found Joyfully Read and eagerly trained to become a tutor for her son. Since then she has tutored other struggling readers. She loves the mountains and the beach, flowers and family – all perfect settings to enjoy and share a good book.

Truly - Reading Tutor

JRCP Certified Teacher/Tutor
Location: Cedar City/Enoch, UT

Truly graduated from Southern Utah University in 1981. She taught second grade for five years, then decided to be a stay-at-home Mom. When her oldest daughter was 12 years old she opted to do homeschooling. “I’ve been doing homeschooling for ten years.” At the beginning of this year, 2017, she

learned about JoyFully Read! After looking into it, she says she “realized what a wonderful opportunity it would give me to bless others. I’m so thrilled to be a part of the JoyFully Read team! I love helping others learn to read.”


Do you want to join the Joyfully Read Team? You can! We are looking to train and certify many more reading tutors. You can set up where you currently live or tutor at Joyfully Read! Headquarters in Provo, UT.

Become a Tutor!



You can learn to use the JoyFully Read! program yourself by purchasing a kit.

What more could a mother, father or caring teacher want for her/his child or student? Success, fun, ease, retention, amazing results, good memories of reading together in a relaxed, positive atmosphere…and more.


“My 5 year old had been struggling with her phonics lessons all through kindergarten. And she hated her lessons! After a few weeks with Joyfully Read!™ preschool reading class she was asking to play the games, sing the songs and practice reading.”

“I was a 65 year old man who had a low second grade level reading capacity.  I was always careful not to let anyone know about my situation.  I was always on guard so no one would find out because I knew I would be embarrassed and humiliated…I have learned things I was never taught in school.  Learning to read has changed my life because I now can read and spell better.  I feel like I can now fill out an application, if I need to, read the newspaper or a complete book, and feel good about myself.  I would recommend this course to all ages who are struggling with their reading.  JoyFully Read!™ is very professional and encouraging.”  (E.T., A 65 year old happy reader)

Schedule a Private Reading Assessment!

(a $200 value)

After assessing we will tell you:

  • What grade level your child is currently reading at, as well as his / her strengths and weakness in reading
  • Which JoyFully Read!™ reading class & “Step” we feel would be best for your child
  • Where we feel your child should be in his/her reading skills, after completing their reading FUN with JoyFully Read!™

There will be a $40 session fee for the time spent with your evaluator, due at the time of the assessment.  


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