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Get Paid to Help Others Read!

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Wouldn’t it be great to earn money while helping others to read or get past being a struggling reader? By  becoming certified to teach JoyFully Read!™ you will receive the training and support you need to start your own reading classes and tutoring business. In addition you will be able to order additional curriculum at a discounted cost. Full certification does require some type of teaching degree previous to training. Qualification requires no degree.

Certification/Qualification process is as follows:

  • Read, “Why Our Children Can’t Read and What We Can Do About It” Diane McGuinness, PhD.
  • Register and pay – $1199.99/ person, $1999.99/ married couple – to take the untimed, open book exam and receive all DVD’s and training supplies.
  • Observe teaching
  • Teach and be observed
  • Certification/Qualification Award Meeting

* Training time varies for each student as it is a self paced process.

Your Tutoring Business:

Be trained on how to set up your new, successful tutoring business.

  • How much do I charge?
  • How do I keep track of my students?
  • How do I know if my students are really progressing?
  • How do I prepare for taxes? (deductible items, etc.)
  • How do I market myself?
  • What do I need to do to teach legally in my city?
  • How often should I expect to teach my students? Why?

Get all these answers and more from Michelle Corbin via DVD and booklet- $650

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